Would it be better to sit on a dog or on a stone?

01 May - Posted by Chantha

The Ethics & Philosophy course that I have been teaching with Di at the Cambodian Children's Trust is new and great for me, children as same as for staff and House Parents.

Before Di came to teach this course, we had never studied anything like it at all. For me, when I studied at primary school, most of the subjects I learned were taught by copying the teacher's answer or reminder lessons. We are never allowed to question what the teacher tells us. This is still the way our children are taught.

Now I really enjoy teaching this course with her. She has been teaching us HOW to think and not WHAT to think. She shows us new ideas and explains reasons.

Even if the children's answers or explanations are not so good, Di always teaches them with heart-warming and encouragement. We always teach them with love.

For instance, last week we were talking about the difference between 'Living' and 'Non-living' things and if we should treat them the same.

Q: Would it be better to sit on a dog or on a stone? Remember, you have to give me a reason.

A: I would sit on the stone. Because a dog can run away and the stone can not, so it would be easier.

Even though this is not the answer we were expecting, it shows that this child is thinking and it makes us all laugh. We always encourage the child who shows thinking.