Selfishness and the importance of sharing

04 Jun - Posted by Chantha

Rainbow Fish is a beautiful book covering the issues of selfishness and the importance of sharing.

We studied this book with Grades 1 & 2. The children really enjoyed the story and then we discussed the moral lessons in the story.

We asked them questions like:

1.Would you rather have something really special all to yourself or have friends?
A#1: I would rather have friends than have something special for myself.
A#2: I choose friends because they make me happy.

2.Are the other fish selfish to demand Rainbow Fish of all his scales? Why?
A# 1:  Yes, they are really selfish to do like this because those scales are belong to Rainbow Fish.
A# 2: They are not selfish, and they just want to look pretty as him.

3:  What do you share with your friends? Why?
A#1:  I share rice and food with them because I don’t want them be hungry.
A#2: I share cake with them because they used to share something to me.

They are poor children, so they have no beautiful clothes, toy or expensive things to share to each other. Even if they have no expensive things to share, they still have goodness and care each other. They share what they have; rice and food are special things which they can try for their daily life