In philosophy studies, there is no wrong answer

08 May - Posted by Diana

The Ethics & Philosophy course at the Cambodian Children's Trust, has been running since October 2012 and has been received with great enthusiasm by all. I hold classes for all the children, from kindergarten through to Year 12 as well as the staff and house parents.

I explained to them all that, in philosophy studies, there is no wrong answer, as long as you support your answer with a valid reason. The initial disbelief has finally dissolved and now the older children in particular, really enjoy having the opportunity to express their own opinions without fear of being laughed at or of being told they are wrong. 

As is so often the case with children, their ideas and answers are often insightful and heart-warming;

Q: Do you need lots of money to be happy?

A#1: not lots, but you need enough to buy food and to buy your children medicine.

A#2: you need enough to be able to look after your grandparents..

Q: So what would you do if you had $1m?

A#1: I would build a hospital for the poor.

A#2: I would start a large business that could give work to many people from my community.